If Your Hair Doesn't Grow In 30 Days...

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A blend of essential oils and herbs to strengthen hair roots and grow hair.

Formulated with natural hair boosting essential oils of ginger, argan, jojoba, jamaica castor oil and palmarosa among others


  • Get thicker, healthier and fuller hair within days
  • Makes hair soft and smooth
  • Prevents hair breakage
  • Revives hair growth even in severely balded spots
  • Rejuvenates the scalp and can also be used as treatment for ridding stubborn dandruff
  • Has been proven to boost eyebrow hair growth
  • 100% natural and not in anyway harsh on the scalp
  • Has also been proven effective in boosting beard growth

What Our Customers Says:

Did not believe it will work at first, just wanted to give it a trial. Wow! the difference is so clear. Been recommending to friends
I have always love long and full beards. Coming across this product is a blessing and its my little secret. cant wait to have it longer than this.

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Free Gift!!! Free Shampoo included for any of the package bought

Benefits of this amazing shampoo

Hair wonder Shampoo, made with 100% natural oils, herbs and soapnuts, it’s a 2 in 1 shampoo, no conditioner is needed, it cleanses and conditions. No caustic soda, no Soda Ash, no Colourant and no thickener. The best shampoo for your hair, good for Naturalist and also for people with relaxed hair.

1. Help heal the scalp and hair and prevent further damage and hair loss.
2. Cleanses and Conditions
3. It makes the hair grow faster and stronger.
4. It saves it from Breakage and Dandruff
5. It prevent premature Grey hair
6. It softens the hair.It nourishes and also good for all ages, keeps the hair and the Scalp Healthy and Shining.

How To Use

You are to weave your hair into sections, Then use the dropper to apply this product directly to your scalp and lightly massage it into your hair roots. Using the tip of your fingers.

Please Note: Delivery is Free Of Charge

But please do not order if you know you will be traveling or won’t be available. It is an act of wickedness to order when you know you don’t need it or won’t be available. We pay for logistics to send to you. Please Order when you know you have the money to pay and you are available. Thanks.